Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lonely Faces, Who Can They Talk To?

There are a lot of lonely people in the world. The internet in some ways may have helped people connect with others. But what about those who are not on the Internet? What about those who are living alone? Who are elderly? Who can they talk to? Where can they turn when they just want to hear another voice?

Years ago I worked for the telephone company as a long distance operator summers while I was going to school. A few times I would take a call and it would be an elderly person wanting me to call them back because they have not been getting any calls and they wanted to make sure their phone was working. Most of the time, these were older persons who were lonely, feeling isolated and just wanted someone to talk to.

I have a friend who has a mother who calls her all the time. She also calls her daughter-in-law, her grandson and his family and anyone else she can. My friend would like to get fewer calls from her mother. She got a call at one in the morning from her mom, asking what time she wanted her mother to call her to wake her up. My friend asked if I knew of any organization that would just talk to people. I know there are hot lines still in operation, but usually those are for people in crisis. I don't think her mom would call them. But she is not alone. She is housebound for the most part, has a problem walking and is on oxygen. How many others like her are out there, just want to talk to someone, to feel that they are still apart of the human race? I can only wonder.

So I am asking does anyone know of an organization that helps people who are elderly, housebound, feeling alone that could call them just to touch basis. Many of us live isolated lives. Others of us find things to do, places to go and people to see. Think about it. Is there someone that you could call, just to say hello, how are you? If so, why don't you give them a call, send them a card, connect with them in someone.

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