Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Trip to BlogHer11 in San Diego, CA

     Last week-end I was at the BlogHer11 Conference in San Diego, California There were over 3,700 women of all ages in attendance from around the world. I met someone from Australia, Canada and across the United States. There were even a few men in attendance. One of them was a single parent who wrote a blog on being a single father. Others were supporting their spouses and at least one wrote the family blog with his spouse.  It really was an amazing collection of individuals.

     When I saw pictures of previous events and the computers around the table, I was impressed. When I got there and saw all the people who had brought their electronic devices, I got goosebumps. I was with like-minded people. I saw a lot of iPads, Apple computers, iPhones, regular laptops and a few mini's like mine. I was in a techie world. We had come with the tools to keep notes, tweet to one another, write a blog, and be a part of this great conference.

     Another thing that impressed me was the "Can Do" spirit in many of the attendees. Some were seasoned bloggers, some newbies like myself and others just waiting to get their feet wet. We were there to get connected, to learn and forge ahead to the next level. I left there knowing that we bloggers can do amazing things. We can change the world one blog at a time,

     The conference was well run. One of the things that excited me was that there was an open invitation to attend any session you wanted, to get up and go to another session if that one was not what you wanted, no questions asked. It was okay. In some of the sessions, women were seated on the floor because there were not enough chairs. Many of us with our laptops or cell phones out ready to take notes and learn. You could even text questions in the session.

     The sponsorship of the conference, the gifts, and the food were sensational. Breakfast and lunch were provided. There were booths with lots of give-aways and opportunities to learn about the sponsors products.  Blogging is becoming big business. Bloggers who want to monetize their blogs and sponsors who want to reach their readers can get together.

     I left with a lot of business cards, new acquaintances, loads of information and lots of goodies from the sponsors. I left with a renewed purpose and a sense that we are at the beginning of a new revolution in communication and working relationships. I can continue my conference attendance by watching the Virtual Conference and get in on all the sessions I wanted to attend but could not. Most of all, I am looking forward to the BlogHer12 Conference in New York. It was a great conference this year. I am glad I attended.

   The picture is a group of attendees appearing on the scene and lunch and dancing. What fun. The room was filled with excitement, like much of the convention.

Thank you for reading. I welcome any questions or comments.

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